Time stood still and fireworks stopped midair. It’s 2012 Independence Day and the genius, the brilliant, the great Mitch Kupchak has signed Steve Nash to the Los Angeles Lakers. As Americans celebrated our countries independence from Great Britain last Wednesday on the 4th of July, Los Angeles celebrated what will soon be their independence from the past 2 year championship-less Lakers.

Mitch Kupchack has been the Lakers general manager since the 2000- 2001 season and has had 12 years of signing great players and shaping the team, which has won 5 championships under his management. He is simply one of the best general managers of all times in all major sports. He understands how to put a team together and makes sure his team always stays relevant. Kupchak has once again proved his smart moves by signing a point guard, which is what the Lakers desperately needed, who is playing at such an elite level has put the team in a great position to win the championship this year.

Metta World Peace applauds Mitch Kupchack and calls the Steve Nash signing one of the greatest signings of all time. He was in Vancouver the day he heard the news and had even visited Steve Nash’s sports club. Metta says that there are a lot of Laker fans in Vancouver and many of them come up to him praising the genius and importance of Mitch Kupchak. Metta compares the signing to the same magnitude as our forefathers signing the declaration of independence.

“Mitch Kupchack’s greatness relates to Independence Day. He means greatness in LA. This signing means Canada’s finest is in LA. There is nothing more important than the signing of Steve Nash on this Independence Day. It means an organization partnering up with a legend to reach one goal”.

MWP also says Nash has returned his text messages saying he is ready to work hard the Laker fans.

Every Laker fan is dreaming to obtain that goal this year as we hope for a championship win.

Welcome to LA Steve Nash!


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  2. I just nailed anehtor interview! I think they are going to go with me. It felt weird first to call a person you've never met with no warning beforehand. Even a little scary. But I guess the thing is just to gather all your courage and with What's the worst thing that could happen? in mind, make the damn call. I was surprised how friendly that manager was Thank you Mr. Nash for lesson! And Thank you Mr. Vitaver for sharing! Great job!

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