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This may be hard to do considering all the talk about Manny being robbed, about boxing losing its credibility, the boo’s when Bradley spoke and the cheers for Pacquiao… but let’s see if we can step away from the anger and trash talk and look at this fight from a different perspective. Why did the judges give Tim Bradley the fight?

Metta World Peace’s reasoning is something fresh and different compared to all the scandal talk surrounding the fight. Metta does not bash the judges or question the authenticy of boxing, yet offers his opinion to why the judges crowned Bradley over Pacquiao. There are three main points to why he believes the outcome of the fight happened the way it did.

Metta’s reasoning’s to why the judges gave Bradley the fight:

1)  Tim Bradley came to fight. Not to say that Pacquiao didn’t but Bradley already had it in his head that he was going to win. In an HBO interview about a month before the fight, Bradley knew this was not going to be an ordinary match and that he was going to have to step out of any comfort zones to win, “In order to beat the champion, you have to take chances in the ring man, you gotta take chances, and like I said, I’m here to win, I’m not here to lay down for a paycheck, I’m here to win, period, so if I have to fight toe to toe with Manny Pacquiao, then so be it”. This mentality stuck with him throughout the entire fight which helped him stay consistent and end strongly.

2)  Rounds 10, 11, and 12, in Mettas words, “Bradley took the fight from the champ” whether or not the rumors of Pacquiao drinking before the fight are true (which would be the cause of his fatigue and slowed pace towards the end) the judges saw Bradley do everything in his power to feed his hunger and feast on beating Pacquiao. Metta gave three rounds even between Bradley and Pacquiao but still believes Pacman slightly won the fight. Bradley stated that he had worked his whole life for this moment and he wasn’t going to let pain stop him, in fact, he wanted to experience it, “I want to feel what it feels like to be in a fight with the best pound for pound fighter in the game. I want to feel his punching power, I want to feel his speed, I want to feel what every opponent that has ever faced (him) has felt. I want to feel the pain”. Bradley knew that Pacquiao was a warrior and that he had to suffer to win and that this was not going to be an easy match.

3)  We want to see a rematch! Even though Harold Lederman’s scorecard of 119-109 was off in Metta’s eyes, he believes that if Pacquiao would have beat Bradley, for instance, 116 to 115 (opposed to the 115-113 actual score), no one would have questioned the fight let alone want to see a rematch because Pacquiao would have continued to prove that he is one of the best- which we already know. The Nov 10th fight is long anticipated and we will hopefully see Manny Pacquiao regain his title.

Although Metta does not agree with the outcome of the fight and wants to see a rematch, he believes that Bradley should have won because he came to fight and did not back down at the toughest moments. He kept moving forward and Metta commented on Bradley’s stamina saying, “his condition is elite”.

Metta World Peace does have a plea to the judges though: “Judges, please don’t do that anymore! That was crazy!”



  1. Betty Siegfried Jun 15

    Extremely interesting analysis by Metta. I don't know anything about boxing but Metta's points make a lot of sense. The determination to win at any cost seems to be the most important edge for a win in any sport, and that's the way Metta plays!.

  2. Natef50 Jun 18


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