When two power houses collide... you get emotion, focus, discipline, determination, passion and more. When playing on a team, somehow you have to get everyone's mind frame on the same page. The referees' jobs are hard because they have to control the game and emotions. The refs have to be aware of the two teams and if there are any bad feelings between the teams... They also have to be aware of the players on the floor, and the aggressive nature of players and player tendencies.

When two power houses collide there will be player confrontation... At this point it's most important to stay on the floor and not do anything to get ejected. When you get players that are capable of being ejected, that player has to be aware of the opponent trying to get under his skin.... This type of competition makes for great entertainment.

When two powerhouses collide you get a group of individuals from different backgrounds and demographics that must compete as one... Some individuals have more hunger than others due to attitudes and circumstances. Some individuals have a layed-back demeanor and some are just simply different...

When two powerhouses collide you generally will have one main leader.... That leader has to have some type of smarts and determination about him or her to lead a group, or even him or herself... You have to expect one of the asteroids or shooting stars to be more powerful or more strategic at the point of impact... You most definitely have to be passionate, first and foremost.

When two power houses collide you will be enthralled by its art form.


  1. Brandon Apr 25

    Well said. Harden is an instigator. You were having your moment. He ran into you unnecessarily. He brace his chest for it too. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know you well enough to stay away. I know what you did was wrong but it was not all you. 7-games was too much. Harden faked the severity too. It ain't hard to fake a concussion. All you gotta say is report blurriness. He was looking at ya while holding his head. Many wanna jump on your back for this. Those same many also disregarded Blake Griffin throwing an elbow in Gasol's face. As a fan of the NBA, I think you're a good guy no matter what those bandwagon critics like to say. Luv ya man. See you back on the court soon.

  2. jimmy galvan Apr 25

    I agree with you 100% if I play ball and friends are on the other team they know I would fight them its completion but once the game is over give me a couple mins and were cool again. To me everyone is making it seem like you want hardens career over but that's not the case I play with emotion I become lil Ron Ron when I play but I'm just 5'5 and I'm a boss keep your head up Ron can't wait for you to come back and lock up kd and kobe gets his sixth ring

  3. Stephanie Kersh Apr 26

    Metta!!!! Love you dude! My 6 year old looks up to you and we are happy the decision wasn't the season. We need you out there with all of your passion for the game! Keep it golden!

  4. Chase Black Apr 26

    When two powers collide Ron Artest is always gonna be the one standing! And always the one to take the brunt of any penalty. Feel bad for him....

  5. Christian Apr 27

    Ron, when you get back you need to remain aggressive. We need you on the court not on the sideline. I must say that harden's strategy worked. He got you suspended because they know that without you the lakers will have a tough time beating them. But with you making durant's life difficult, you have a big chance. Next time we need to make harden eat his crap. Beat them in the scoreboard.

  6. 7 games was too harsh, plus it was not all your fault.

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  7. african Apr 27

    Thats wassup metta everyone loves the way you approach the game. End of the day this is just a game, sports is meant to be dangerous or you wouldnt get paid this much. Hockey allowed fighting, why not basketball?. Grown men playing a physical game theres bound to be some anomosity. The nba became soft over the years,im 24yrs old n i still remember the oakley years and the other wild crazy players..your one of the last ones left man..keep doing what you do..your a champ..nothning left to do in the sport

  8. Why didn't the NBA suspend Dwayne Wade for giving Kobe a broken nose and concussion? It was just an All-Star game where everyone steps out of the way when taken of the dribble. It was the first time in All-Star history that somebody was giving a flagrant foul. If it was the other way around we would have never heard the end of it and Kobe would have been suspended. Please help the Lakers win the championship this year so they can all shut the heck up and open their eyes that the Lakers are the best.

  9. KyLee Nicole May 01

    I just want to know, did you not feel it when you hit his face? I would think that if you felt it, and it was not on purpose, that you would stop and see if he was okay. Instead you kept walking like nothing happened so it appears to me that it was on purpose. I just hate to think that someone such as yourself would play that way. Surely not. Then again no one will ever REALLY know if it was intentional or not, except you. At the end of the day that is all that matters right?

  10. ron pell May 08

    Can't help but notice you post only favorable comments...why not post opposing views? For instance, while your defense on the court may be quite something to behold for many Lakers fans, there are many of us who feel that your actions on, and sometimes off the court are totally indefensible. Your comments on Conan's show sounded like total B.S., never really cared for Conan to begin with and care for him even less after the soft ball interview with you on his show. I quite frankly only watched hoping against hope as a basketball fan that there was the remotest possibility that you might show even the slightest bit of class, only to have my suspicions confirmed...that you have none. As a practicing Buddhist, I know full well the meaning of the word Metta...and you sir, display absolutely none.

  11. ben May 17

    I dont know if you ever read these Ron but you have such an opportunity to be an example for kids. I'm sure you're a good guy, I know if I had cameras on me all the time then people would find plenty of dirt on me, but I think it would be awesome if you strove to be an example of sportsmanship and morality for the people that look up to you

  12. Thunder Fan May 23

    Seriously? You people are joking me right? Harden is a great guy on and off the court with NO history of being a jerk...Mr.Peace on the other hand has to change his name to try to escape it. Grow up, own up, and be a man. THUNDER TOOK YOU DOWN!

  13. hey

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